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Welcome to my wiki. I have just begun writing about this idea for a story and I will be posting all the character information on here so hopefully when the story is done, you will enjoy it.

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Angelatic is about how I would see gods/goddess based off of the Greek gods. The series is mainly about the beginning of time when God first crates earth to now. Each God/Goddess is set with a certain color based off of their powers. Each God/Goddess has a God form and an angel/human form, and since they will mainly be in their angel/human form mostly the whole series, I will be portraying them in that form. Also each God/Angel will be related to the colors they related to (eg. Red & Yellow are related to Orange, Blue and Yellow are related to Green, and Blue and Red are related to Purple). I will also be having some portraying as opposite genders, (eg. Ares a male but will portrayed as a female), I have it portrayed like that because I am basing it off of the masculine & feminine of the colors (eg. red, blue & black are masculine and white, pink & yellow are feminine).

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